Sunday, February 20, 2011

Story Map

Hi! is the story map we created in class. Do read it up before copying it down.

Pre-Writing Activity - "Word Snake"

As part of pre-writing activity, 3A pupils started off by listening to a story on "Theft". Then they created a story map as a class. Followed by a "Word Snake" activity to help them generate more vocabulary before they begin to write. Watch them in action creating their very own Word Snake.

Add them Up

Master your addition skills at the following link...

Add it!


Mdm Pavithra.

Adjective Game

Hi!! should try this game. Its very fun and enriching.

Click Here!


Mdm Pavithra.

Classfication of Leaves

All my Awesome & Amazing kids, had great fun collecting leaves from their school garden and near their neighbourhood. They then carried out a classification activity in class and presented their work to the rest of the class. They have raised questions about the activity in KF. Aren't they having fun...

Our English AA preparation

3A pupils spent quality time discussing and writing out a recount on their Kampong Glam trip. They then discussed how they will be presenting their work in PPT slides in pairs. Let's take a look at their work in progress pics...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Adverb Game

Hey children check out this site and play the Adverb game..its fun! Write down some intresting sentences into your word bank book if you can!


Mdm Pavithra.

FTGP on Honesty

We talked about Honesty during our FTGP lesson. Then the 3A pupils drew a picture of a honest person they know or have heard of and wrote down their thoughts about it. I'm impressed by your work children...!Here are some interesting pieces I chose amongst all your work.


Knowledge Forum Training

Our first KF training today was exciting! We had great fun exploring how to contribute to one another's theories...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alden's Group Writing

(Fearless Jill)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Fearless Jill. She was as brave as Fearless Phil. She liked to travel around the world to search for adventures.

She was a very impatient person. She does not like to stay at home and do nothing. She liked to go hiking and climb mountains. Fearless Jill was not scared of wild animals like, wild boars, lions, tiger, leopard, elephants, bulls, sharks, killer whales and komodo dragons.

She was very well trained in martial arts and in camouflaging. And, she was skilled in handling weapons.

However there was a animal that she was scared of. The animal was snakes! When she was camping a snake approached her. She screamed and screamed and tried to kill the snake with some firewoods, but she couldn't. So she bolted out of the forest to avoid the snake. So from that day onwards, She never boasted again.

Chloe's Group Writing

Dolphin (2) Jesslynn,
Chloe, Qin Xu and

Fearless Jill

Long ago, there was a girl, her name was Fearless Jill. She was as brave as
a lion like her brother, Fearless Phil. She enjoyed many adventures and outdoor sports.Fearless Jill was willing to know more things about her environment. She does not like indoors activities.

Fearless Jill was so good at Kung Fu that she could fight over lions, tigers,
bears, dogs, rabbits and bees. She had confidence in taking care of herself. But she was not that brave. The reason was that she was scared of snakes.

One dark night, when Fearless Jill was awoken from her sleep, there was a
snake coming by. When she saw the snake, she screamed at the top of her lungs. She
bolted out of her room and to her friend’s house. She felt as safe as home.