Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alden's Group Writing

(Fearless Jill)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Fearless Jill. She was as brave as Fearless Phil. She liked to travel around the world to search for adventures.

She was a very impatient person. She does not like to stay at home and do nothing. She liked to go hiking and climb mountains. Fearless Jill was not scared of wild animals like, wild boars, lions, tiger, leopard, elephants, bulls, sharks, killer whales and komodo dragons.

She was very well trained in martial arts and in camouflaging. And, she was skilled in handling weapons.

However there was a animal that she was scared of. The animal was snakes! When she was camping a snake approached her. She screamed and screamed and tried to kill the snake with some firewoods, but she couldn't. So she bolted out of the forest to avoid the snake. So from that day onwards, She never boasted again.


  1. Wow ! I did'nt know this Fearless Jill Is very strong and she is not afraid of Killer Whale . Nice ! And great job !

  2. I agree with u Alicia. Besides, she still could use so much energy to run!

  3. Alden's group, you did a fantastic job of writing your story! You even changed the story by writing that she tried to use firewood to kill the snake!

  4. Dear Alden,
    What is the meaning of camouflaging?

    Thank You!
    Tze En

  5. Dear alden, what is the meaning of martial arts?

  6. Dear Alden and friends, this story that you had made was marvellous and funny!


    From: Jesslynn Kkhong Yu Xin

  7. Dear Tze En and Faiez,

    The meaning of camouflaging is to cover yourself with something that is the same colour as you and martial arts is like taekwondo.