Sunday, November 13, 2011

3A's Proud of our Young Author Celest

3A is very proud to announce that our Celest was one among the 48 young author's short listed amongst 400 candidates who took part in the Young Authors' Award in Woodlands Regional Library Auditorium. She was awarded with a certificate of commendation and also received a plague to represent Endeavour Primary. CONGRATS Celest!!!! We are super proud of you! Great Job!!! Way to go!!! Best Regards, Mdm Pavithra.


  1. Congratulations Celest, you are super lucky to win this award! You sure have talent! :)

  2. Thanks Alicia, you all have talents too! :)

  3. Dear Celest,

    Congratulations!!! You are great in writing composition!!! You are really wonderful!!!

  4. Good luck to you, Celest,

    maybe one lucky day you might become a famous auther! Well done!

  5. Great Job

    Best Regards,Le Yi 3a