Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cleanest Class Room Award

Hi! Children..we did it again! Congrats! It's the second time this year 3A has won the cleanest classroom award. I'm very proud of you for helping to keep the classroom clean by diligently doing your duties. Thank you all!
Regards, Mdm Pavithra.


  1. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    I am glad that we won it again. But I am confused, How come we won the first prize again!!!???

  2. Mdm Pavithra,

    I am happy that we were first for the cleanest classroom award.

  3. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    I was surprised when the teacher said that our class won the cleanest class award!!! I was happy we won it again!!! It is all your effort to keep the class clean.Thank You so much!!!

  4. Dear Everyone,
    I cannot believe we won first prize! Our classroom is still dirty, but after our effort of spring cleaning, our classroom sure is clean all right!

  5. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    thanks for making sure that our classroom is so clean and that may have make us win the top prize for the cleanest classroom!