Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lower Primary Sports Meet

We had our lower primary sports meet on the (13/11/11) Monday and 3A had loads of fun participating in all the events. They enjoyed cheering for one another. Oh...and guess what we won a Silver Award for one of the events! Isn't that AMAZING? CONGRATS Children! I'm very happy for you! We will keep the spirit going for next year's sports day! Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure......enjoy!


  1. Thanks Celest,

    maybe all the hard work had been thanks to Mr. Ali,and the winners for Ian, Zheng Long, Justin, Faiez, Yew Qing, Jemima, Jia Lin, Lindy and Beatrice could have really trying their best, putting effort with alot of practices and did not give up.

  2. So sad .........we only won 1 medal!

  3. It was very embarrassing when everybody cheer,but i was happy as my group won a medal.