Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheng Han's Group Writing

A-Star Group: Cheng Han ,Justin Tan and Tze En

Fearless Jill

Deep in the woods, there lived a girl named Fearless Jill. She was Fearless Fhil's sister. She was stronger and braver than her brother but she was extremely impatient.

She was not afraid of many animals just like her brother.She loved climbing mountains. In the mountains she met many ferocious animals like lions, tigers, bears, hyneas and crocodiles but she was not afraid of them at all! But one bright and cheerful day while Fearless Jill was hiking in the mountains, a snake slithered towards her.

Fearless Jill thought herself as invincible so she flexed her muscles. But when the snake showed its fangs, as quick as light she bolted down the mountain track.

She never boasted of being invincible again and never went hiking ever again.


  1. Dear Cheng Han's group,did you know that you spell"Phil"wrongly?But it is still a good writing.Well Done!

  2. Dear Cheng Han's group,

    What is a hyneas?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Cheng Han's group, the last two paragraphs in your writing is very funny! Good job!!!

  4. Great job!It's a good writing.

  5. Dear Cheng Han's group,

    Your story is great!

    Thank you,

  6. Dear Cheng Han's Group,

    What a wonderful story! Keep it up:)

  7. Dear Qin Xu,

    Thanks for correcting us.

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  9. Hi Jenifer,

    A hynea is an animalthat looks like a wolf but has spots on its body.It is a carnivore and makes sound like laughing.

  10. Dear Cheng Han's group, I like the storey very much. Keep it up !

  11. Dear Cheng Han and friends, I like your story because it was writen in a interesting and a nice way!

    Great job!

    From: Jesslynn Khong Yu Xin