Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ryan's Group Writing

Fearless Jill by Ryan,Yong shin,Sherlyn,Le Yi

Once there was a girl, her name was FearlessJill. She was Fearless Phil's sister. Fearless Jill was as brave as her brother. She did not like indoor games. She love to climb mountains and hiking with brother

Fearless Jill was not afraid of many animals. She was not afraid of lions, bears, dogs and snakes. She was not afraid of these animals because she was invincible.

However, there was an animal she was afraid of, she was afraid of bees because the bees can sting her. One fine day, a bunch of bees flew into her house. When she saw the bunch of bees, she screamed and ran to her brother's house.From now on, she never said that she was invincible.


  1. I hope all of us can make a better story in the future.

  2. Dear Ryan's group,Good job!I had never seen such a good witing before.Well done!

  3. Dear Ryan's group,

    Good jod!I love your writing.Keep up the good work.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Ryan's group, excellent job!!! Love the story because it is very funny. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Hi Ryan's group,

    I love it!Keep it up!

  6. Dear Ryan's group,

    Keep it up:)

    Thank you,

  7. Dear Ryan's group, your storey is very funny at "she ran to her brother house" Keep up your good work !

  8. Dear Rayn and friends, I like the way your wrote this story because it is writen in a interesting and a nice way.

    Keep up the good job!

    From: Jesslynn Khong Yu Xin