Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to 3A

Dear Children,

Happy New Year!I guess we had an amazing start for this year. I'm glad we managed to set our class rules and decided our targets for this year. I hope we will continue to work towards those targets and remind ourselves to work together at all times.

I'm delighted that all of you have started to communicate with one another and are slowly trying to gel as a class. Keep the spirit going! I would like to put across some pointers for you to take note and work on during your free time at home.

Firstly, I would like to you learn how to pack your own bag. Ofcourse,mummy or daddy can assist you to check that you have packed the right things. But you need to learn how to pack on your own. Secondly, I would like to see all of you borrowing books from our library and also from National library to read. Reading can help you achieve great things in future. Last but not least is for you to try and be consistent in your school and home work. Always ask questions when in doubt. Never fear to fail. We all learn through mistakes. So let's try our best to keep things going. I wish you all the best and hope we can soar to greater heights.

Best Regards,

Mdm Pavithra.


  1. Sure!One of my favourite hobby is reading!

  2. I love reading too, but I don't usually go to the library. However I like to spend my past-time
    writing my own handmade storybooks.

  3. Sure ! One of my favourite hobby is also reading, So my parents most of the time buy books for me .

  4. I love reading too,i love beast quest and geronimo stilton.When my father or mother bring me out,i will go to the library to borrow books

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  6. I also love to read books. But I don't go to the library. I only buy books from the bookshops.

  7. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    Thanks for your support.I promise to ask questions that I do not know.I often go to the library to borrow books.
    Qin Xu

  8. Daer Mdm Pavitra,

    I will try very hard to read even more books than last year and I will try my best to do my work hard.

    Thanks for your nice support.

    Jesslynn khong Yu Xin

  9. I love reading books and my favourite book is Geronimo Stilton.