Sunday, January 30, 2011

Suhana's Group Writing

Arnold, Jennifer, Suhana and Kwok Ian.

Fearless Jill.

Fearless Jill was a girl who liked adventures. She was as brave as Fearless Phil. Fearless Jill was very impatient. She didn’t like staying at home and play
with dolls. She enjoyed outdoor activity.

Fearless Jill was not afraid of many animals. She was not afraid of bats, pandas, whales, sharks and wild boar. She was trained in judo and could use a sword very well.

However, there was an animal she was afraid of. She was afraid of lizards! One fine day, as she was hiking in the woods, a lizard climbed up to her shoulder. She screamed so loudly until all the rocks and trees went crack. After that, she went bolted out of the woods. From that day onwards, she never boasted about being invincible again.


  1. Hi Suhana,
    so I guess no-one is invincible.

  2. Dear Suhana's group,your writing is very good!Keep it up!

  3. Amazing!!! Not only Fearless Jill has a lot of energy, she has a voice as loud as a dinosaur's roar! Suhana's group, keep it up!!!

  4. Wow!I have never known that a girl can scream so loud until the rocks and trees went crack!Good work!:)

  5. Dear Suhana's group,

    Wow!Fearless Jill's voice is so loud that the rocks went CRACK!Well done.

    Thank you,

  6. Dear Qin Xu,

    Thank you very much.

    Thank You,
    Suhana Suhairi.

  7. Dear Suhana's group,
    What is the meaning of wild boar?

    Thank You!
    Tze En

  8. Dear Suhana's group, Amazing at "She screamed so loud that all the rocks and trees went crack" it was good. Keep it up !

  9. Dear Tze En,

    Wild boar is wild pig that lives in the forest or woods.

    Thank you,
    Suhana Suhairi

  10. Dear Suhana and friends, I like the way your wrote this story because it was very funny and interesting until I felt like reading it again and again! Keep up the good work!

    Thank you!

    From: Jesslynn Khong Yu Xin