Friday, October 7, 2011

Aloysius Group Writing

"Thank you for the comfortable ride in your taxi! Here's your fare!"said Mr Lee. "Thank you very much!"replied the taxi driver Mr and Mrs Lee had just came back from their friend's wedding dinner. It was nearly dusk when the wedding dinner ended. So, the couple decided to take a taxi home. They thanked the taxi driver before returning to their terrace home. As the taxi driver drove off, he noticed an object behind him. He turned around and saw a parcel at the back seat.the taxi driver thought that the couple had left their parcel with them. Without hesitation, the taxi driver got out of his taxi. The taxi driver took the parcel and headed to the terrace house. He knocked on the door. Mr and Mrs Lee were pacing back and forth worriedly. They were surprised to see the taxi driver gave them back the parcel. They were grateful and thankful to the taxi driver. They gave him a fifty dollar note as a reward but the taxi driver declined it. The couple thanked the taxi driver profusely as the taxi driver drove off.


  1. Dear Aloysius and group members,

    your story is writting in such a splendid


    it is so good that you maybe get full marks!

    But..., you had a typing erro, at the six line

    of the composition, after the sentence" He

    turned......the back seat. " the word " the

    " should be " The " !

    Jesslynn Khong Yu Xin

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Please change the sentence 'He knocked on the door' to 'He rang the doorbell' thanks!

  4. Dear Jesslynn never mind, at least you can still understand it!

  5. Dear Aloysius's group, your compo can get 8 out of 10 because it has too much errors.