Monday, October 10, 2011

Jarvis group compo

The Honest Taxi Driver   "Thank you for the the ride, Mr." said Mr Tan to the taxi driver. The couple paid the taxi fare. The couple was going to a terrace house to celebrate a birthday celebration. The couple did not realise that they left something really important in the taxi.....     The taxi driver found the couple's parcel beautifully wrapped on the back sit of his taxi that is red in colour!  Suddenly two "angles" appeared beside him, a white one wearing a baseball cap which is a good one and a black one holding an axe which is the bad one. The sporty white "angel" said to the taxi driver, "return the red parcel back to the lovely couple! You are the taxi driver, you need to be honest!" While the ugly black "angel" said, "You should not return the parcel, you should keep it selfishly to yourself, who knows that there are valuables in the parcel and you can take it to sell and earn a fortune!"     The taxi driver agreed to listen to the white "angel". He opened his car door and headed straight to the terrace house with the beautifully wrapped parcel.     When he approached to the gate, he pressed the door bell giving it an ear-splitting sound. The master of the house and the couple came out, hoping that the taxi driver would come and return the parcel, and to their astonishment, they saw him, in his hand was the lost parcel. The grateful couple rewarded him a fifty dollar note and thanked him profusely for his honesty. He refused to accept the reward but went off happily as he felt that he had made the right choice.


  1. Dear Jarvis's group,
    your group compo is facinating but it is a lot like Jennifer's.

  2. Jarvis' group,

    I like your story. Next time change 'master of the house' to 'owner of the house'.

  3. Dear Jarvis and group members,

    I like the center of your story as it has the 'angel'.

  4. Jarvis and group,
    The word 'sit' should be changed to 'seat'.