Friday, October 7, 2011

Jennifer Group Compo

"Thank you for the ride, Mr ." said Mr Tan to the taxi driver. The couple paid the taxi fare. The couple was going to a terrace house to celebrate a birthday celebration. The couple did not realise that they left something important in the taxi ...... The taxi driver suddenly found the couple's parcel in his taxi! Suddenly, two "angels" appeared beside his head, a white and a black one. The white "angel" said " Give the parcel back to the couple!" While the black "angel" said," You should not give back the parcel, who knows there are valueables in the parcel!" The taxi driver agreed to listen to the white "angel." The taxi driver opened the car door and headed to the terrace house with the parcel. Next, he rang the door bell. The couple came out of their terrace house and to theirastonishment, they saw the taxi driver with the parcel in his hand. In the parcel was a necklace! The couple reward him a fifty dollar note for his honesty. They thanked him profusely and went back to their terrace house.


  1. Jennifer's group,

    You are very creative to think of a white angel and black angel in the story. I like the story

  2. Dear Jennifer's group,

    I like your story alot as it is so interesting. what I like most is the angel.

    Jesslynn Khong

  3. Dear Jennifer and group,

    you don't need the " " for the word angel. thanks!

  4. Dear Jennifer's group, your story is interesting and it it also the same as Jarvis's group compo.