Monday, October 10, 2011

Faiez Group Compo

The Honest Man It was another usual day for Alex. He drove a couple back safely to their terrace house. He also wished them a good day when they were paying their taxi fare so they had given him a tip. When Alex was about to leave, he spotted a box left behind by the pair of couple. Alex wanted to bring back the box home, but he thought of integrity. He quickly drove back to the couple’s terrace. Alex carried the parcel and pressed the doorbell. The couple stepped out and saw their important parcel. Inside was a precious necklace and money. “Oh, thank you!” said the couple. They wanted to give him the money that was inside the box but Alex didn’t want it. The couple said thank you and went inside the house. Alex felt relieved that the couple got back their important parcel.


  1. Faiez, your group shouldn't use the pair of couple because it means 2 couples. And I'm not saying your compo is bad but if I'm the teacher I'll give you 8 out of 10 still. O:)

  2. Faiez, you do not need to put 'so they had given him a tip' at the end of the 3rd sentence. Thanks (:

  3. Dear Faiez,

    why did the couple said thank you when Alex didn't want the money? By the way, your story is amzing eventhough it is short. well done!^-^

  4. Faiez,

    you don't need to keep repeating the word 'important'.