Monday, October 10, 2011

Sheryl group compo

Sheryl's Group     "Hurry up, Zack we're going to be late for Zane’s birthday party." Zoe reminded her husband, as they went out of their terrace house and stood by the roadside to hail a taxi. When they a taxi, they hailed at it, the taxi stopped. "Ang Mo Kio please!" Zoe said, and the taxi driver took them to Ang Mo Kio.   The taxi driver dropped them off at Ang Mo Kio, when he was driving away, he looked behind and saw a parcel carried by Zoe and her husband in the back seat. He immediately u-turned his car and drove back to Zane’s semi-detached house to return the parcel to the couple. When he reached Zane’s house, he rang the door bell several times before Zane’s maid came to answer the door. The taxi driver told the maid that he was looking for a couple. The maid immediately asked Zoe and her husband to come to the door. Zoe and her husband was very surprised to see the taxi driver   


  1. Sheryl, your group compo is a little singlish but I liked it. It'll be great if teacher will give you a whole. Whole= Full Marks :)

  2. Sheryl, on the 5th sentence you need not put so many commas and the meaning of 'a parcel carried by Zoe' is that Zoe and her husband are holding the parcel. I don't know what the ending is


    PS: 7 and a half/10 (:

  3. Dear Sheryl,

    at the ending part, did Zoe and her husband took back their founded parcel and did they gave the taxi driver a reward? If yes, what kind of reward was the taxi driver rewarded? Thank you!^_^