Monday, October 10, 2011

Justin Group Compo

Uncle Sam is my neighbour. He is also an honest taxi driver. With a word "Hello" and an ever-ready smile, this taxi driver is one of the loveable drivers in our neighbourhood. "Hello there! Where are you going?" Wncle Sam asked politely. "Hello, please take us to a terrace house beside the block 341." The couple lamented joyfully. Uncle Sam droved. "Goodbye Madam, goodbye sir!" Uncle Sam piped. The couples did not say anything and handed the taxi fare to Uncle Sam. They left as quick as lightning. Uncle Sam, started to drive. While he was driving, he caught sight of a polka-dot parcel. He was shocked and stunned. He quickly got out of his taxi and took the parcel and dashed helter-skelter towards the couple's house gate. Uncle Sam pressed the doorbell. "Ring, is anybody there?" The gate opened, the couples came out and asked,"May I help you?" Uncle Sam said,"You left your parcel in the taxi, I came to return the parcel to you. "The couple opened the parcel and checked if anything was lost. They thanked Uncle Sam and offered him precious things. LINDY, TING RU, JUSTIN.


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  2. Dear Justin, I think you spelled uncle as wncle. And your story is incredible. :)

  3. Dear Justin's group,

    Your story is great!

  4. Dear Justin and group,

    I think your story is very describtive! Well done!

    Jesslynn Khong Yu Xin-3A

  5. Justin,

    You don't need to put "helter skelter" as it mean the taxi driver is in danger.