Monday, October 10, 2011

Jemima group compo

                                      The Honest Driver   Whenever Mr Lim, a part time taxi driver was hired by a couple, he would remember one of his happiest days of his life. It was five years ago when the scene took place.           A lovely couple hired him and he drove them to their destination. They wanted to go to a terrace house. They paid the taxi fare and went into the terrace house.           As Mr Lim drove away, at the corner of his eye, he spotted a beautifully wrapped parcel. He wondered whose it was. “Maybe it was the couple’s parcel,” thought Mr Lim.           He drove back to the terrace house and came out of his taxi, took the parcel from the backseat and rang the doorbell.           The man from the couple answered the door. When the woman saw the parcel, she was on cloud nine. She thanked him many times and even rewarded him for his honesty and the man wanted to give him extra taxi fare, but Mr Lim refused to accept.           So they rewarded him by inviting him to their party that they had prepared for their daughter’s birthday. Mr Lim was very happy that day. He wondered if he would ever meet that couple again.   By Beatrice, Jemima, Yong Shin and Ian.


  1. Dear Jemima, your story is very wonderful & interesting. Well Done On The Whole !

  2. Jemima, your story is very creative. Well done!

  3. Dear Beatrice, Jermima, Yong Shin and Ian,

    I like the starting of your story, it was well-written!

    Jesslynn Khong

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  5. Dear Jemima,

    Before the couple invited Mr Lim to their daughter's party, what did the woman want to reward him with?