Monday, October 10, 2011

Ernest Group Compo

A Good Deed Mr. Lee, a taxi driver recalled the good deed he had done. It all started like this…… It was a sunny day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Mr. Lee drove a loving couple who lives in a terrace house near Canberra Road. When the couple alighted, they gave $10 to Mr. Lee and told him to keep the change. Then the couple walked back to their terrace house. After a while, when Mr. Lee was getting ready to go he looked at the back seat and saw a parcel. It was the couple whom left it behind. So he quickly got out of his taxi and rang the doorbell of the couple’s house. Curiously, the couple came out of their house and asked Mr. Lee ‘‘May I help you?’’ Mr. Lee took out the parcel and asked whether the parcel was theirs. The couple nodded their heads and told Mr. Lee the parcel was theirs. Mr. Lee gave the parcel back to the couple and the man took the parcel and told the wife to open it. It was a beautiful diamond necklace which was a surprise to the wife and it cost nearly $10,000. The wife was very happy that the precious necklace was found. The wife rewarded Mr. Lee by giving him a $100 voucher. The End Done by Ernest, Regina, Sherlyn and Chloe


  1. Dear Chloe, your story is very nice.

  2. Dear Chloe, the story is very interesting.

  3. Dear Ernest, Regina, Sherlyn and chloe,

    your composition is excellent with so many brilliant ideas, keep up the good work!'-'

    Jesslynn Khong Yu Xin - 3A

  4. Dear Ernest and group,

    Did Mr Lee accept the reward in the end?